Mansfield Park: a great satire brilliantly read by Juliet Stevenson

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Once again, Juliet Stevenson proves herself the best audio book reader of Jane Austen. In Mansfield Park, where Austen delves into much sharper satire of love, infatuation and manners than in her other books, Stevenson’s reading brings it to life in a way none can match. As always with Austen, the unabridged version is a must.


…And Another Letter in Writing Magazine

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More words of wisdom from yours truly on the Letters page of the March edition of Writing Magazine. What a wonderful publication it is.

Brilliant Blink at Salisbury Playhouse

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Theatre isn’t always my favourite medium – especially on an intimate scale. An even greater achievement then by this week’s studio piece at the Salberg at Salisbury Playhouse. Blink by Phil Porter provided the most enjoyable evening I’ve had at the theatre for years. It was beautifully written, intricately weaving a story of love, loneliness, loss, grief and vulnerability through dark and original comedy – and all in one and a quarter hours. A two-hander, the performances of Lizzy Watts and Thomas Pickles were superb. I was impressed particularly by their skilful use of the props which, like the set, perfectly fitted the play and the space.