Labour came into being to be the party of and for the working class. Of course it is ludicrous to suggest that UKIP represents the interests of working people. We only need to look at where its leaders and its money come from. But UKIP can represent working class – and others’ – prejudices. We all suffer from prejudices but they are only likely to flourish in a vacuum. And Labour has allowed a massive vacuum to develop by its constant efforts to placate the press and the middle-classes and turn itself into another Tory Party. Labour will win nothing by sounding ‘tough’ on immigration or the EU. It cannot compete in that bullring. How does UKIP win support? By Farage etc. saying what they mean – even if it is meaningless. Labour must work to remember what it means (history provides plenty of guidance; or look up ‘socialism’ in a dictionary) and then start saying it again – loudly enough so that its old supporters can hear it over the whines of the Sun, the Daily Mail and so on. And it must do it before it is too late.