The best book ‘On Writing’ I have read

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Stephen King’s On Writing is a terrifically easy read, largely thanks to the interwoven autobiographical anecdotes. Witty, straightforward, and full of no-nonsense tips, the book debunks on the way many of the sillier elements of current perceived wisdom on creative writing.

Sunshine over dust – a poetic challenge

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We were discussing a choice of mounts for a newly acquired painting the other day with our favourite framer (Rob Jones of Bond-a-Frame, Chichester – nice chap). As usual, he came up with a perfect colour combination. For this picture, he recommended ‘Sunshine’ over ‘Dust’. That got me thinking about how an odd selection of words in juxtaposition can be serendipitously enchanting – inspiring, even.

Inspiring? Well, unfortunately, the inspiration hasn’t worked for me yet. But surely there’s a poet or a painter out there somewhere who might run with it.

Of course, there’s always doggerel:-

      Sunshine over dust

      Toenails red as rust

      Filling me with lust –

      Oh, say it I must –

      For the girl with the ample bust