Number 2’s out of my system

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Yup. Eventually finished my second full length novel after several re-drafts AND I’ve also squeezed out a synopsis (a version of which appears on my Major Works page).

Sparrows Nest is the story of a young man in the 1970’s whose thirst for political education is matched only by his hunger for women. He chooses the Labour Party as the focus for both.

One more novel to go and I will feel that I have completed my apprenticeship.

Novel 2 Draft 1 Complete

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I’ve just finished the first draft of ‘By Hand Or By Brain’, my second novel. It’s a romantic rite of passage set against the background of the political world of the mid 1970’s. After a brief period of rest and relaxation, I’ll get on to the real fun bit – the editing. Meanwhile, I’ll be hoping to increase my output of short stories

…And Another Letter in Writing Magazine

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More words of wisdom from yours truly on the Letters page of the March edition of Writing Magazine. What a wonderful publication it is.

Letter Published in Writing Magazine

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Look out – if you are so minded – for my letter (as Brian Jones) on back stories on page 8 of the February edition of Writing Magazine, that excellent publication.