This is the place to find a selection of my latest writings, including some exercises arising from Creative Writing workshops.

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A little fable which teaches us nothing in particular, unless we keep mammoths as pets:-

Roofless Ruth

An exercise in alternative viewpoints:-

Deadly Temptations

Like so many others, my father never talked about his wartime experiences. The following story is inspired by a newspaper cutting I discovered after his death:-

The Narrow Escape

Anyone who has attended a Creative Writing class will understand how the subject of the next story felt:-

The Stranger

Something to think about:-

The Mask



I am not a poet and I jolly well know it. It should have been different. I was educated on the Isle of Wight and I was born just a pentameter from Farringford House, so I was brought up on Tennyson. I learned that Tennyson rhymes with venison and, at a pinch, with denizen, but never with rhombus, even though it is a lovely word. But I could never pick up much more than that, although a smattering of onomatopoeia did penetrate my consciousness with a clang, a pop and a hiss.

Still, every now and again, I take up my pen, finding that an occasional verse can act much like a reassuring nurse. So, here and there, you’ll find the odd little ditty which, if you’re very kind, might strike you as witty.

Identity Parade

Dermot the Dolphin


Week in the Life


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